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Learn Direct & Build is an award-winning collaborative venture which brings innovative, imaginative and flexible learning programmes to those engaged in training for the built environment in Scotland.

The teaching of built environment trades has followed very traditional methods and these 'time served' methods have helped produce highly skilled trades people for many years. These new online programmes enhance various aspects of the delivery of learning for the built environment.

The programmes have been developed within the current educational context - the need to meet the shortfall of skilled craft people and professionals within the built environment. These have been developed through a collaborative venture between the Learn Direct Build partners.

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Following on from the success of the Built Environment e Learning Project, Learn Direct and Build are in the process of developing e Learning materials focusing on Health and Safety, Retrofitting and Repair and Maintenance. The project has already started and will complete in December 2016.

About us

The partnership initiative, Learn Direct and Build, is meeting industry needs by developing an e- and blended learning solution to the dual problems of training new youth and adult entrants to the built environment industry and up-skilling the existing work force.

Initially it obtained funding from learndirect scotland and CITB-Built environment Skills to develop materials for the areas of management, craft and health and safety learning.

The success of these modules has lead to a market-driven demand to add to this initial provision and also to develop learning to facilitate the acquisition of:

  • Core skills, employability skills and basic skills and built environment knowledge amongst young people and adults entering or thinking of entering the built environment industry.? Essential sole trader and owner manager competencies, especially for owner managers who are also still on the tools.
  • Site management, project management and technician skills for building and civil engineering, thus ensuring a clear progression route for craft workers.
  • Additional craft skills for the purposes of multi-skilling.
  • Specialist and traditional craft skills relating to conservation and restoration and the maintenance and repair of historic buildings.

As parts of our remit we ensure that Learn Direct & Build provides:

  • Involvement of all relevant partners including employers and the federations in the development stage and is available to learners, employers and FE colleges throughout Scotland as and when needed.
  • The meeting of identified industry and learner and tutor/trainer needs.
  • Cost effective training solutions.
  • The use and development of appropriate and innovative pedagogical approaches.
  • The transformation of current built environment education and training. Making it flexible, adaptable and sustainable whilst being attractive to and enjoyable for learners, tutors and
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